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Performance Measurement

Satisfy the requirements of your customers and your business plan at the same time.

Performance measurement requirements from your customers can seem daunting, but they can also lead to increased efficiency and streamlined processes. Our experience has shown that while many PPM service providers are fully committed to "doing the work on time", there is often a lag in completing the back office updates which mean the data for each job is complete. This can lead to feverish levels of work to comply with quarterly reports, for instance.

If the emphasis on logging full job details is changed to when the work is done, rather than afterwards, KPI's can be analysed at any time. A key is timely communication from on-site engineers, using tried-and-tested methods such as phone, text or email, or newer technology, such as live Smartphone access.

If you would like to improve your processes to facilitate better readiness for Performance Measurement, contact your account manager or