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Job Completion by Smartphone

Engineers can now achieve one-touch job completion on site using iPhone and Android smartphones.

A "one touch-job completion" by engineers on site, has long been an aim for resource-sensitive service providers. One of the problems has been the cost of PDA's, and the fact that they become obsolete quite quickly. Operating system rationalisation in the Smartphone world now means that mainstream apps can be provided for almost all Smartphones.

Fast Track Mobile complements existing Windows and Web solutions, to provide a low-cost solution for mobile staff. Engineers receive new jobs as soon as they are issued, and job status changes (such as Responded To and Completed) can be achieved with a click of a finger (or thumb!). If the Smartphone has a draw capability, such as with a touch screen or stylus, end user customers can also SIGN the job there and then.

Fast Track Mobile works with iPhone, Blackberry and Android, and works with Wifi and Internet connections, and also when no connection is available.

When working on large corporate sites, Wifi may suit access to the main web server; when traveling between buildings or working at remote sites, the main web server will likely need to be "internet facing".