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Fast Track Roadmap Development

Pending functionality, timescales, tailoring, customisation, etc.

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The Fast Track software development roadmap contains information on which enhancements, adjustments, developments, etc., (referred to collectively as "developments" in this document) are known and when they are expected to be available. Expected availability is usually categorised as short, medium or long term. Short-term developments are likely to have already been planned and be in process, so will have an availability date; medium-term developments are likely to be planned and so have an ETA (estimated time or arrival); long-term developments are likely to have no ETA.

Accelerated Roadmap Development (ARMD)

From time to time, Fast Track software users see immediate value in a roadmap development, and would prefer that the development be available sooner than the intended ETA (or lack of ETA for long-term developments). The Fast Track team does not accept contracts for developments which result in generically useful software, as only Fast Track can own the IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) of Fast Track software. Based on case-by-case consideration, however, Fast Track may offer to bring forward roadmapped developments in return for a service charge to cover:

Any proposal for ARMD items will refer to this document, and its terms and conditions, most important of which is that any contracts or orders placed on Fast Track regarding ARMD items are contracts and orders for services associated with the development, and not for the development itself.

Please contact us if you have any questions about Fast Track Roadmap Development by clicking this link: Roadmap Info Request