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Control Job Costs with Schedules of Rates

Pre-loaded schedules of rates can lead to automatic job cost control.

Using pre-loaded schedules of rates is becoming a popular way to control job costs, and can be used to accurately forecast contractual costs for both existing and new contracts.

Utilising your own rates and tasks, a national schedule of rates, or your own customised version, exact tasks and costs can usually be found in seconds, leading to accurate costing and speedy distribution of instructions to the right staff member or service provider.

Level of Detail

The contents and pricing of the Schedule of Rates (SOR) tasks can be broadly descriptive, or extremely detailed - you just match the detail level to your requirements.

Margins and Contracts

Utilising the margin mechanisms with different mark-up calculation methods, the same SOR task can be used to derive different costings based on contract margin variations.

Benefits of Schedule of Rates based work tracking