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Property, Facilities and Asset Optimisation Software


Articles on Property, Facilities and Asset Management

Below is presented a series of articles on Property, Facilities and Asset Management from professionals in the field for other professionals. Click on the article title to see the full story.

Visual Booking Range

Includes a movie of the Visual Booking Range view, where bookings can be reviewed, created and edited in just a few seconds.

Hospital Room Booking Software

The software provides full control of users and booking processes for clinical, teaching, training and meeting rooms, desks and spaces.

Cloud Room Booking Software

Powerful, low-cost space/room/desk booking software in The Cloud. Provide access to staff and customers, and set their permissions.

Small Works Software and Schedule of Rates

Build Quotes, Job Instructions and Invoices, based on Labour, parts and Miscellaneous Materials.

Performance Measurement

Satisfy the requirements of your customers and your business plan at the same time.

Create Outlook Appts for Staff and Service Providers

Help your colleagues work smarter by sending them automatic appointment emails, which they can add to their calendar in seconds.

Save £100,000's with Advanced Utilisation Analysis

Why applying Utilisation Increase techniques to bookable space using Room Booking systems tends to always work.

Control Job Costs with Schedules of Rates

Pre-loaded schedules of rates can lead to automatic job cost control.

Job Completion by Smartphone

Engineers can now achieve one-touch job completion on site using iPhone and Android smartphones.