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Feedback and Comments from Users of Fast Track Solutions

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Users of Fast Track software span the globe and range from multi-national financial institutions to small engineering consultants. Here are just a few testimonials from the ever-expanding Fast Track client list:

David Price, Facilities Helpdesk Administrator, North West Kent College

"The Facilities team have found the Fast Track software invaluable in their daily operations. The key benefits are:

Fast Track Help Desk & PPM has become a fully integrated part of our daily operation within our department."

Simon Walker ANABAS (UK2) Ltd.

"We needed an FM software solution which would grow and adapt alongside Anabas, while ensuring we consistently provide service excellence for our clients.

With the help of FMDirect, we have fine-tuned Fast Track Help Desk to give automation to a range of system processes, including financial aspects, saving our Helpdesk Advisors time, enabling them to respond to client needs efficiently and effectively."

Marcus Hanley, Facilities Manager, Ramsay Health Care UK (formerly Capio Hospitals)

"The maintenance software from Fast Track has helped me to reach my aim of increasing the performance of the Capio estate; Capio has now become Ramsay Health Care UK.""

Dave Mooney, Regent Group Holdings Ltd.

"At Last a Help Desk that works.

I had spent hours scanning the internet for a software package, that will run a facilities and PPM Help Desk for multiple clients and multiple sites, of which most sites are multi-tenanted. I then came across Fast Track PPM.

No pressure sales or constant calling, but an easily downloadable trial database. After trying this I decided this was the software for us. The software was ordered and delivered within 48 hours.

I purchased Fast Track PPM for Regent Group Holdings from FM Direct, because after seeing the software work, I believed it would help us reach our automation goals for both our clients and ourselves.

The remote installation went well, and it was straightforward to implement our asset and task data. On our go-live day, we seemed to not have some necessary data on the Call Logging form, but this was quickly sorted out by an Fast Track and FM Direct technician, over the phone in less then 1 hour.

Perhaps I'll have a further update after using the software for a few months."

Helpdesk Coordinator, Mapeley Ltd

"With substantial improvements in response time achieved coupled with Contractor on-line access, Fast Track's Help Desk windows-and-web solution has extended into an even greater team, handling over 500 calls a day. Providing secure access to both Client and Contractor has allowed transparency, self-serve reporting and created an environment of success"

Stephen Higton, Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd

"It (Fast Track software) provides an excellent fit to the requirements of our user community. Fast Track have responded well to our requests to tailor the system, and my team is able to rely on Fast Track support as part of a quality solution"

Mike Stone, Canary Wharf Management Ltd

"The reporting system is an integral element of our operation. It allows us to set and monitor performance targets. The flexibility of the Help Desk enabled us to tailor a close match to the CWML business model"

Corporate Services Manager, Global Financial Services Corporation

"Our old software can't even compare to the Fast Track system. Fast Track has greatly reduced our costs and has provided faultless support"

Trevor Thomas, Scottish Widows Investment Partners

"It is the best thing I've been responsible for buying in Facilities in the last five years"

John Ennis, National Physical Laboratory

"The simplicity of Fast Track Helpdesk software to operate, but still meet complex SLA structure and performance measures set down by our Client has been superb. It has been of enormous benefit to us in meeting our contractual commitments"

Stuart Anderson MRICS, Portsmouth City Council

"It has been the most successful computer project within our service area in the past six years, to my knowledge. It has performed well, is easily understood and has substantially improved our service to our clients"

Bob Mac Cormick, Institute of Cancer Research

"The software has much improved the transparency of internal requests and virtually eliminated paper flow from that part of the procedure. The project has been deemed a complete success"